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Farm Projects

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No two days are the same on the Magic Forest Farm. We spend a majority of our time working with the animals, building and renovating around the barn and the campsites, and tending to the gardens or the maple trees, depending on the season. We also partake in a lot of creative projects which can be seen throughout our 225 acres.


We have a large garden in which we grow a variety of annual vegetable crops such as kale, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. In our greenhouse, we germinate seeds and start our summer crops until warm weather comes. Planters we constructed from onsite harvested timber line the walls for growing strawberries herbs and green house crops. Fresh seasonal fruit and berries can be found dangling from various trees and bushes throughout the farm as well. The logs are cut and standing by for starting up a mushroom yard which will produce several types of edible mushrooms. We are passionate about foraging for wild mushrooms and edible plants, and enjoy teaching others what to look for.and how to use what we find. Our future orchard will be a garden of exotic tastes and textures from the years of  planting rare fruit trees, like Persimmon and PawPaw outside and fig and kumquat in the green house. The most magnificent crop so far has been the Lotus that now thrives in our pond and blooms a spectacular show of large pink flowers and bizarre shaped seed pods all summer. Every part of this plant is edible. 



We have a variety of building projects going on at any given time; cord wood, cob and straw bale building, rough cut lumber construction, greenhouses and cold frames, garden sheds and water catchment systems, animal shelters and fencing, a chicken tractor, housing for bees and bats, a sugar shack for maple syrup processing, small secluded hermitages, a stage, a farm stand, gift shop, gallery...


After construction of structures there is myriad finish work to do. This lends itself well to creative use of recycled, natural and found materials. Decorative gates and doors, discarded material mosaics, scrap wood fences and camp furniture, are just some of the projects. Sign making, trail marking and woodland sculptures are ongoing. Soon we will experiment with using our angora goat fiber to spin, weave and knit into garments and rugs. 


Here at Magic Forest, we have a variety of fauna that we raise for their products and/or simply as pets. Our goats produce mohair fiber, our chickens and ducks lay eggs, and our cow produces plenty of milk. We also have a dog, a cat, peacocks, and a horse. There are plenty of wild animals around as well; the muskrats love our pond, the deer frolic through the fields and forest, and birds and frogs can be heard singing and croaking across the farm.


During our off season from the farm, we take advantage of the wealth of maple trees in the magic forest by tapping them for their sap and turning it into syrup. This past year, we produced over 20 gallons of delicious syrup.

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