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We have a number of projects on our farm that we would like volunteers to take on. We will provide tools and materials as well as teach you the techniques necessary to complete them, of course any previous experience you have would also be helpful. You could participate on several projects at once, or concentrate on one and make that your focus. We ask that every volunteer help in the garden each week because that is the source that feeds everyone. We value and promote creativity, resourcefulness and self reliance.

You can find out more about our projects here or contact us for more information. You can sign up to volunteer by contacting us, or through your Wwoof account. We happily provide room and vegetarian meals for our volunteers. Read below to see what previously volunteers have said about their stay.


"Magic Forest Farm was the perfect place for volunteering. Joan and Jay were beyond welcoming, as they shared their time, their home, and their attention generously. The farm work is varied and interesting; each day brings new tasks and countless opportunities to learn something new. I hope to return soon!!"

"We had a wonderful time at the Magic Forest Farm. Joan and Jay are real swell folks. We assisted with building outhouses, cooking meals, planting the garden, cultivating oyster mushrooms and revamped the greenhouse. There are many different projects going on so there's lots to help with. Be sure to go and enjoy the property - there are tons of wonderful secluded hiking trails. Joan also has a great library with books on many interesting subjects. The view is truly magnificent, and the food is equally as good. I would definitely recommend a stay to anyone looking to learn about wood working and permaculture."

I feel very fortunate to have gotten to spend my spring break volunteering at Magic Forest Farm. Joan & Jay, who run the farm are two of the coolest & nicest folks I ever got the pleasure of meeting. As long as you pull your weight with the work & remain honest and genuine you will be very welcome at this farm. Jay is a very interesting dude, he has traveled the country extensively & also has a plant science degree. His mind is a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of skills & trades, so pay attention & you will learn a lot. Joan is very nice as well, also well traveled. She is an excellent cook! Joan also knows a lot about what it takes to run a farm. She studied art back in California & even taught at UCLA, so like Jay you will learn a lot and enjoy great conversation. My past week with both of them has been very enjoyable, and what they have worked hard to build out of their land is very admirable. I think very highly of both of them for their hard work and ingenuity.

"I had a great experience at the magic forest! There is a good mix of structured work that needs to get done to make the farm work and allowing volunteers the freedom to work on projects they enjoy. Joan and Jay are both very friendly, welcoming and great teachers. Lots of stuff to do for almost any interest."

"An incredible experience. Jay and Joan are the best hosts, and they have done a fantastic job at cultivating a community of dedicated volunteers—the entire experience is welcoming, warm, and collaborative. I stayed for a week and a half in late September and early October and I slept extremely comfortably and ate very well. There were lots of projects open, and I was invited to contribute to a variety of tasks, with significant opportunities for self-motivated work as well. (There was also plenty of time to relax, read, hike, and forage. The work/life balance at Magic Forest is unmatched.) I cannot recommend this place enough!"

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