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Our farming partnership began in January 2015 when Jason rented a room in the main farm house that I had just finished renovating. He proposed we start a farm together. My background in sculpture, horse farm management, growing my own food, and natural building combined with Jason's background in plant science, landscaping and arboriculture have complimented each other well.  Through our passion for excellent seasonal vegetarian cuisine and our love for our farm animal friends, we hope to be an inspiring example of sustainable homesteading. Both being avid outdoor enthusiasts, we enjoy encouraging people to reconnect with nature and the food they consume by experiencing our farm and forest.  Our days are long and the work is endless, yet we both feel there is no better quality of life.  ​​


This 225 acre piece of forested land was purchased by my family in the early 1970's. The land was originally settled in the early 1800's, most likely as a sheep farm.  At first the property served as a summer place where my grandparents retired to and cared for the farm pets we had, while we visited on weekends. Then my family took to more serious farming and bought beef cattle and grew hay and corn to feed them. This taught me the real rigors of farm work. My grandparents passed away and my parents moved to a different farm, keeping this place for rental income and to pass onto my brother and I. In 2009 my mother wanted to turn the land over to us, and I left my life on the horse farm in southern California to see what I could do here.

I first lived in my tipi for a summer and looked into the possibilities while getting to know the land and climate. The first five years were spent renovating the houses and barn to secure rental income and have a space to work. Once Jason moved in, he started opening up the land. He spent two months clearing trees to access the incredible view of the Helderburg escarpment and the Adirondack mountains that we now enjoy from the main house and barn. We started harvesting fence posts and firewood, and clearing old, over grown fields. We experimented with tapping maple trees, wild mushroom hunting and growing niche crops like Lotus. We planted a garden to feed ourselves and our volunteers. 


That summer we received a unexpected grant and were able to buy four angora goats for weed abatement and to breed for mohair and all our equipment and tools that we now use to harvest logs and saw them into materials we use to build with and to sell for income. With this equipment and Jason's talent, experience and determination, along with the incredible work force we now have by hosting volunteers, we have started to create our dream.


Our vision for the future of our farm is one that includes building our community, continuing to plant our land, creating the infrastructure to host events, retreats, and workshops, opening a commercial kitchen for catering onsite events, producing meals and farm products for tourists and residents. We will be building a stage, cafe,  farm stand, gallery/gift shop, several secluded hermitages and various enchanted spaces... 


“We had a fabulous time at Magic Forest Farm Camp. All people and animals we met were very approachable and friendly. The campsites, tipi, outhouse, and outdoor shower are spacious, private, and beautifully crafted. We were very impressed by Magic Forest Farm Camp and hope to return soon!.”

“What an incredible place to stay. Jason and Joan were extremely welcoming and helped us with everything we needed. Enjoy the beautiful campsites they’ve created, or find a patch in the woods to call your own. ”

“What a great place - the perfect antidote to crowded public campgrounds! Beautiful spacious sites with plenty of privacy. Friendly, accommodating hosts, and only a short drive to the hundreds of miles of hiking trails and wilderness. Highly recommended!

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