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We have a variety of raw and semi-processed goods available upon request. Our garden and forest yields a diverse mix of produce and edibles, along with a medium to create functional works 0f art. If there is something you're interested in that isn't listed, please inquire regardless. We are always willing to accommodate creative requests. If you are staying with us and would like something to be arranged for when you arrive, please let us know in advance.

With sustainability being at the core of our beliefs, items are seasonal and available only when surplus allows. The land provides more than we need and we are happy to share the joy it can bring. Contact us for availability and pricing.


All proceeds go back to supporting the farm, forest, and our family of volunteers.


Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Cultivated Mushrooms and Innoculated Logs (Shiitake, Chicken of the Woods, Oyster, Mitakke)

Maple Syrup

Assorted Teas

Infused Oils

Mohair Fiber (Assorted Colors)

Camp Meals

Koi Fish

Catnip Toys


Wild Herbs and Edibles (Garlic, Onion Grass, Cattail Shoots and Hearts, Mixed Wild Berries, Mixed Greens)

Wild Mushrooms (Reishi, Morel, Chanterelle Chicken of the Woods)

Decretive Fungi and Lichen Pieces

Wildflower or Lotus Flower Bouquet

Dried Lotus Seed Pod


Custom Bed Frame Sets

Outdoor Table and Chairs/Benches

Coat hangers

Unique TV Stands

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Unique Outhouses

Custom Pieces


Rough Cut or Refined Slabs (Oak, Cherry, White Pine)


Unique Bar Tops

Fencing (Custom or prefabricated)

Lumber Cut to Order

Root Structures / Burls

Mixed Odds and Ends


Cobb Relief Paneling

Timber-End Paneling

Custom Shelving/Framing

Decretive Wall Fixtures

Bird Houses

Cutting Boards

Wood Cookie Coaster Sets

Key Racks

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