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We've created unique and exciting experiences here at the farm as a way to educate, engage, and enthrall those who are reaching for something more. From hiking, to learning about the ways of the farm, or simply nurturing your creativity immersed in nature, there is always something to do. We are here to guide you through each of these adventures, thus ensuring you with the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. 

Each activity is approximately an hour long with flexibility for larger groups. Please schedule in advance by emailing us (

We ask for a 50% deposit, refundable if weather is not permitting.

$25 Per Person

$20 Students

Free for children under 10

Contact for group rates and bundled classes

What we do here at our farm

A walking tour through various project sites that we are currently working on. We will show you and explain the stage we are at with our projects, the processes we have initiated and where we are going with each aspect of our developing sites.


During this tour, you will be greeted by our cute Angora goats, our sweet milk cow Saucy and our very friendly horse, Vincent. You will get to feed our chickens and ducks.  We will show our blooming lotus pond, koi pond and our saw mill and lumber inventory, our campsites, tipi, the cord wood cabin, our vegetable garden, green house, maple syrup processing area, and several different types of mushroom production. We will show you where we will build the stage and our commercial kitchen/cafe in future, and we will end the tour at our wood shop and farm stand. 

Every season has a color

Experience the subtle microclimates and learn about the local native flora on our north facing naturally terraced mountain property by taking a guided tour with Jason, Joan or one of our volunteers. We will introduce you to the native plants and mushrooms and tailor your walk to your interests. We are happy to share with you what we know about harvesting and eating wild plants and mushrooms, but we ask that you do not pick any mushrooms on your own as some varieties can be deadly and can be easily confused with the safe ones.


 How we turn Poison ivy into soft wearable fluffy sweaters

A guided tour of our angora goat herd production. Visit with our friendly goat herd to feel the luxurious fiber they grow and experience what funny characters they are. You will see how goats are excellent at weed abatement and lawn mowing, far cuter and much much more sustainable then RoundUp. You will be shown the different steps of the fiber harvesting process from the fresh sheared raw fiber all the way thru a finished article of clothing. We will cover washing and preparing to spin, then go through different types of spinning and combining fibers, and then show you examples of finished products. We will give you a demo with a drop spindle, the oldest and most basic form of fiber spinning, and then you can give it a try. We have fiber for sale in several stages of the process and we also make drop spindles to sell. You can leave this tour with a bundle of mohair and the means to turn it into something you can wear for the rest of your life. Mohair is extremely durable, lustrous and luxuriously soft. And the goats are very entertaining....

Every stone tells its own story

Gather materials along the way to create a site specific ephemeral sculpture at a point we designate for the creation to happen. Once we stop, you can work together as a group or do your own thing, but the point is to make some art in the forest with what is out there that will be reabsorbed into the landscape as time and nature takes it back. By rearranging the natural materials, we play with nature and leave a subtle footprint behind for others to enjoy.

walk into the lap of mother nature

There are a variety of long existing trails on our property to explore. We are currently working on clearing more trails and making trail markers and maps for guiding you into the most beautiful and secluded places hidden deep within our forest.

The surrounding areas provide an assortment of hiking experiences from strenuous mountain climbs, to refreshing waterfalls, historic Indian trails, underground caves, and a quiet nearby lake. There are a number of quaint small towns surrounding us as well with hiking trails and charming restaurants and unique shops.

Hike at your leisure but please respect the plants, animals, and privacy of others.

choose what you are

Our serene location creates a wonderful setting for special events. Work retreats, writers' workshops, weddings, birthdays: the possibilities are bountiful. ​

Prices vary. Please contact us with any ideas you may have and we will work with you to customize your experience however you'd like. 

see how a tree turns into your chair or a desk

Jason will show you the different types of trees and walk you through the process of how we are harvesting and processing lumber from our land. He will take you through several different stands of trees and explain our forest management plan and developmental ideas for the land. Afterwards you will see our lumber inventory and visit our wood shop to see what creative and unique items have come out of the process.

Performer of the day: Nature

"En plein air" is the French expression for "in the open air". 

Popularized by the French Impressionists who wanted to paint light in nature with its changing, ephemeral qualities. We will take you to key scenic spots at the prime time of day for optimal light depending on seasonal highlights. You are welcome to spend the time as you like; photographing, drawing, painting, writing, making music, thinking, or just being. You dictate how long you wish to stay at each stop, and can request specific settings you'd like to see. We can leave you there alone, and come back for you at a set time. We can transport your gear for you with our 4 wheeler so you don't have to carry it in.

recharge self

Leave your cell phone behind and simply be quiet in the forest as we take an improvised walk off the established trails. Being silent is a wonderful way to quiet the mind of daily chatter and experience your surroundings anew. I will take you to my favorite places, where I wandered alone many times in silence to find some peace of mind. We will stop and sit from time to time, listening to the forest sounds and observing the big and small landscapes surrounding us.

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