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It’s a good crop here and we should double our crop. We’ll need to make more raised beds, fill with compost, rake flat, mulch and plant.

Raised Beds & Garlic Planting Bonanza
October 20

The purpose of the barn is to keep the bales dry from both above and below. Condensation on the floor is a big challenge so instead of concrete, Hayes recommends a gravel base.

Hay Barn

A sugar shack (French: cabane à sucre), also known as sap house, sugar house, sugar shanty or sugar cabin is a semi-commercial establishment, primarily found in Eastern Canada and northern New England. Like the name implies, sugar shacks are small cabins or groups of cabins where sap collected from sugar maple trees is boiled into maple syrup.

Sugar Shack

Wood is a hygroscopic material which gains moisture content as a result of changes in humidity. Hygroscopicity is one of the most distinctive properties of wood. Any kind of wood product absorbs and desorbs moisture from the surrounding air until it reaches equilibrium moisture content (EMC), a balance point between the wood’s moisture content and that of the surrounding environment.

Wood Drying Facility

We’ve learned over the years, that all our hard work chopping and stacking will become a moot point if we allow it to become wet by not giving it protection from the elements, or if we fail to get it dry enough before we need it for heating.

Dry Wood Storage Area

We are finishing up the new garden shed to hold more equipment and supplies. Near the Garden shed will be our new Farm Store where we can sell produce, merchandise for the Farm and much more.

Finishing Garden Shed/Store

It is time to upgrade the animal areas and enclosures as the farm grows. We need help building these enclosures and moving the animals.

Upgrade Animal Areas

We will be setting up a new commercial kitchen that was recently donated. We are adding a greenhouse to the kitchen and a place to treat the waste water from the kitchen with sustainable designs.

Move and Setup Kitchen Area

Our main goal is to provide sustainable products and services so we are building an Earthship. This is an off-grid building that uses little to no fossil fuels. This building will be a nightly rental for people who want to stay on the farm.

Earthship Build

We are adding a catch water system to the Purple House as we retrofit and upgrade our buildings to be off-grid and as sustainable as possible.

Cistern with Gutters for Purple House

Outdoor wood boilers are complicated and simple, expensive and priceless, they take a little of your time and save a ton of your money. Wood gasification technology is now more common than traditional wood burner designs, making wood boilers burn much less wood( up to 50% less wood) and make much less smoke.

Wood Boiler Area

Fix up and make ready to rent and utilize this amazing building.

Jay’s Place

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