Our Farm

No two days are the same on the Magic Forest Farm. We spend a majority of our time working with the animals, building and renovating around the barn and the campsites, and tending to the gardens or the maple trees, depending on the season. We also partake in a lot of creative projects which can be seen throughout our 225 acres.


To Provide The Highest Quality
Sustainable Products And Services.

We grow a variety of annual vegetable crops such as kale, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. In our greenhouse, we germinate seeds and start summer crops until warm weather comes. We grow strawberries, herbs & green house crops. Fresh seasonal fruit & berries can be found dangling from various trees and bushes throughout the farm. Edible mushrooms are grown and rare fruit tress and so much more…

We have a variety of building projects going on at any given time; cord wood, cob, earthships & straw bale buildings, rough cut lumber construction, greenhouses, garden sheds, water catchment systems, animal shelters and fencing, a chicken tractor, housing for bees & bats, a sugar shack for maple syrup processing, small secluded hermitages, a stage, a farm stand, gift shop, gallery…

We are home to educational workshops and musical events throughout the year. Learn how to build earthships and other off-grid sustainable buildings, design and setup permaculture designs and this workshop and that workshop. Enjoy Farm-To-Table Dinners with musical events such as our Folk Festival and Harvest Festival. Jam out to local and national musical artists and intimate jam sessions with amazing talent from all over.

Our Discovery

This 225 acre piece of forested land was purchased by my family in the early 1970’s. The land was originally settled in the early 1800’s, most likely as a sheep farm

 At first the property served as a summer place where my grandparents retired to and cared for the farm pets we had, while we visited on weekends. Then my family took to more serious farming and bought beef cattle and grew hay and corn to feed them. This taught me the real rigors of farm work.

Our Mission

Thru our passion for excellent seasonal vegetarian cuisine and our love for our farm animal friends, we hope to be an inspiring example of sustainable homesteading.

Both being avid outdoor enthusiasts, we enjoy encouraging people to reconnect with nature and the food they are consuming by experiencing our farm and forest. Our days are long and the work is endless, yet we both feel there is no better quality of life.

Magic Forest Farm A unique agritourism destination near Albany, New York

Grown With Love on Our Farm

Our vision for the future of our farm is one that includes building our community, continuing to plant our land, creating the infrastructure to host events, retreats, and workshops, opening a commercial kitchen for catering onsite events, producing meals and farm products for tourists and residents. We will be building a stage, cafe,  farm stand, gallery/gift shop, several secluded hermitages and various enchanted spaces…

Joan Mahony and Jason Ball

Founding Farmers

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Magic Forest Farm near Albany, New York is a unique agritourism destination.