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Magic Forest Farm Animals

Pet the farm animals, feed them and enjoy a wonderful kid friendly experience with all kinds of farm animals. Goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, peacocks and more… Stay on the farm for a few nights and take it all in.

Supply Organic Living & Sustainability With Purpose

Supply Organic Living & Sustainability with Purpose.

Our farming partnership began in January 2015 when Jason rented a room in the main farm house that I had just finished renovating. He proposed we start a farm together. My background in sculpture, horse farm management, growing my own food and natural building combined with Jason’s background in plant science, landscaping and arboriculture have complimented each other well.

Chemical Free

We don’t use harsh chemicals.

Fresh & Healthy

We keeps things natural.

100% Organic

Our process for everything is organic.


The Home For Our Farm. Natural. Sustainable.

Magic Forest Farm A unique agritourism destination near Albany, New York

This 225 acre piece of forested land was purchased by my family in the early 1970’s. The land was originally settled in the early 1800’s, most likely as a sheep farm.

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